Moore Marine

Moore Marine is Irelands only fully integrated marine archaeological environmental and hydrographic service provider. We specialise in the provision of services, technical expertise and advice to Private Industry, Institutions and State Bodies regarding impact on and protection of our maritime heritage and environment. Our unique combination of services provides us with the facility and technical expertise to undertake a wide variety of projects particularly suited to Environmental Impact Assessments and Pre and Post Development Assessment of Marine Projects such as Pier and Harbour Developments, Dredging Programmes, Bridge Construction, Pipeline Developments and other Major Infrastructural Schemes.

Moore Marine is Irelands only Health and Safety Authority (HSA) recognised environmental diving contractor. As such we ensure that all dives are undertaken in accordance with current diving operations at work regulations (SI 422/1981). We have over thirty years combined experience in the field and can offer a range of services that are flexible and can be tailored to fit the clients requirements.

Contact us on

Phone:    +353 (0) 91 765640

Fax:        +353 (0) 91 765641


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